Nutrition Croissance et Cancer

Processus métastatique : rôle des canaux et transporteurs ioniques sensibles aux lipides


Christophe Vandier

VANDIER Christophe
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Team description

We have recently observed that the functional expression of the SK3 channel is linked to cancer cell migration and bone metastasis development. Interestingly, the SK3 channel was expressed in tumor breast biopsies while its expression was not observed in non-tumor breast tissues. In parallel and with the establishment of several collaborations with chemists, biologists, oncologists and pathologists of « Cancéropôle Grand Ouest » we discovered inhibitors of the SK3 channel with anti-metastatic properties. Moreover, thanks to « Région Centre, Cancéropôle Grand Ouest » and « FEDER », we have set up a robotic platform of electrophysiological assays dedicated to discovering new components that modulate ion channel activities and that present anti-cancer properties.

Role in the network

Our team will explore the regulation of calcium influx by SK3 channel and its role in cancer. Our group will bring to the project its knowledge and skills on SKCa channel and on the development of robotic platform of electrophysiological assays.


Co-coordinator of task 1 – Marie Potier Carterau : Role of Ca2+ and SK3 channels in cancer cell migration and survival
Co-coordinator of task 6 – Aurélie Chantôme / Chrisophe Vandier: Multicentric and Intergrated platform development

Involvement in tasks 1, 2, 4, 6

 Role of Ca2+ and SK3 channels in cancer cell migration and survival : Characterization of the involvement of the SK3/Orai/TRPC channel complex in breast and prostate cancer cell migration.

 Clinical relevance of SK3 and Calcium channels (on human tumors) : demonstrate the contribution of these channels or signalplex as new pronostic biomarkers and to evaluate their impact on the therapeutic response or drug side-effects : Breast cancer.

 Development of cellular models: SKCa channels models.

 Involvement in the development of multicentric platform to test new drugs: Electrophysiology studies –> Automated patch-clamp.