Task 4 : Cellular models development for drug testing

Task coordinators : Stéphane Petoud and Nicolas Bourmeyster

This task is devoted to the development of cellular models for drug screening and ion channel probes for theragnostic approach.

Thus, there is two objectives of this task :

  • First to develop cellular models for tasks 1, 5 and 6 in order to explore the functional roles of our channels of interest in cancer processes and to test the different channel modulators developed in task 3.
  • Second to develop ion channel probes for theragnostic approach. As there is a need to identify and localize ion channel in vitro and in vivo and no selective ligand is identified so far, we will develop a multiplex approach based on novel polymetallic dendrimer lanthanide complexes coupled to different heterocycles described in the task 3 that have complementary selectivities and that will operate as targeting moieties. As the emission bands of lanthanides are sharp and do not overlap, they can be used for multiplex detection by using different lanthanide/ sensitizer/targeting group combinations.