Task 2 : Clinical relevance of SK3 and Calcium channels

Task coordinators : Yves Renaudineau and Gaëlle Fromont

There is three objectives in this task :

  • First to evaluate the importance of the SK3 channel, Orai1/2/3, TRPC1/4 and its regulators STIM1/2 as new biomarkers in two chronic haematological malignancies (CLL and CML) and two solid cancers (prostate, breast) and to study their roles in current therapeutic approach. These diseases were selected since calcium flux is involved in their oncogenic mechanism.
  • Second to improve therapies based on the identification of new pharmacogenomics calcium-related markers or based on the utilisation of calcium inhibitors to improve the therapeutic response.
  • Third to evaluate SK3 polymorphisms as predictive indicators of taxane-induced peripheral neuropathies in breast cancer.