Service d’Anatomie Pathologique CHRU de Brest

Team leader in the network


DOUCET Laurent

Té. : +33 (0)2 98 34 77 00


  • Brest
  • Finistère (29)
  • Bretagne – France

Team description

Our team, the department of pathology from Brest University Hospital is involved in different cancer studies where we are in charge of the validation and exploitation of the cancer specimens. We developed an expertise on the characterization of protein expression changes in our different cancer of interest and notably prostate cancer.
The department is integrated to the plateform of cancer molecular genetics and is involved in the INCa cancer networks.

Role in the network

This team will be in charge of the validation of the specimens (frozen & fixed) biobanking, laser micro dissection and constitution of TMA (tissue micro array) for immune-histo chemistry and In situ hybridisation. • Involvement in task 2

Involvement in tasks 2


  Clinical relevance of SK3 and Calcium channels (on human tumors) : demonstrate the contribution of these channels or signalplex as new pronostic biomarkers and to evaluate their impact on the therapeutic response or drug side-effects.