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- IR2

- ImPACcell platform (head)

- Member of Biogenouest (Axis "Exploration Fonctionnelle")

- Member of "Valorisation des produits de la mer en cancérologie" CGO axis

- Member of rare disease fundation


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Team description

ImPACcell is an imaging and bioscreening platform based on High Content image Screening (HCS) and High Content Image Analysis (HCA) for detecting, analyzing and quantifying multiple components and/or functions in cells and tissues. The platform ImPACcell has settled automation and miniaturization of tests for evaluating the effects of various compounds, including chemicals and drugs (anti-cancer and others drugs) and gene silencing or gene over expression in various cell model systems and culture devices ranging from samples mounted on microscopy slides to multi well microplates and transparent specific cell devices. The added values of the platform include automation, robotization (for both cell culture and imaging) and miniaturization of tests, as well as expertise in imaging software for HCS/HCA, cell engineering and cell biology.





Role in the network

Our team will be in charge of the evaluation of the cytotoxicity of chemical inhibitors on various cell lines. Then, they will determine the impact of active inhibitors on apoptosis and proliferation. Bioscreening will be based on High Content image Screening (HCS) and High Content Image Analysis (HCA).

Involvement in tasks 5

 In vitro evaluation of compounds

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Team publications


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Team publication in connection with the CGO


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