CNRS UMR6521 – "Chimie, Electrochimie Moléculaires et Chimie Analytique"

Phosphore et vectorisation

Team leader in the network


JAFFRES Paul-Alain
Tél. :+33 (0)2 98 01 61 53


  • Brest
  • Finistère (29)
  • Bretagne – France

Team description

Key words: Phosphorus chemistry ; lipid, vectorisation ; SK3 channel

The team “phosphore & vectorisation” from the UMR CNRS 6521 at Brest, is composed of organic chemists specialized in lipid and phosphorus chemistry. Over the last few years, our team worked on the synthesis of a new type of SK3 channel inhibitors characterized by an amphiphilic structure. This research, funded by the Cancéropôle Grand Ouest network and an ANR program (collaboration with C. Vandier’s team at Tours), led to the identification of a series of efficient SK3 channel inhibitors and one of them demonstrated anti-metastatic properties in vivo. Our team is also recognized for its work dedicated to the design of other types of amphiphilic compounds used as vectors for the delivery of bio-molecules (e.g. gene delivery).


Role in the network

Our team will be in charge of synthesis of lipid inhibitors of SK3 channel and of formulation of the lead compounds as liposomal solutions for in vivo studies.

Co-coordinator of task 3- Paul Alain Jaffrès : Discovery of SK3 and SOC modulators

Involvement in tasks 3


  Discovery of SK3 and SOC modulators: Ohmline analogs/ Lipids analogs