Département « Aspects moléculaires du vivant: synthèse, structure, fonction et intéractions (AMV)

Spectrométrie de masse: structure et intéractions des biomolécules


CADENE Martine

Tél. : +33 (0)2 38 25 56 24


  • Orléans
  • Loiret (45)
  • Centre – France

Team description

We have recently developed an advanced method for the mass spectrometric determination of affinity constants for protein-ligand complexes. We are also at the forefront of mass spectrometry techniques for the fine analysis of membrane proteins, K+ channels in particular, such as structure probing by limited proteolysis. These combined methods can be used on SK channels to derive structure-activity and structure-function data.

Role in the network

This group will bring to the project its knowledge on mass spectrometry of ion channels and protein-ligand interactions for screening and the determination of structure-activity relationships. Details on the structure of the channel will also shed light on the mechanism of the channel’s biological function.

Involvement in tasks 6

 Involvement in the development of multicentric platform to test new drugs: mass spectrometry for the fine characterization of ion channels and their ligands