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BAZUREAU Jean-Pierre

BAZUREAU Jean-Pierre
Tél. : +33 (0)2 23 23 66 03

Short CV

- Professor (1ère classe)

- Head manager of "S2 Wave: Santé Synthèse Micro-Onde" SFS ScanMAT platform in University of Rennes 1

- Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the 1st International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry (

- Member of the French Therapeutic Chemistry Society since 2013 (member N°13046)

- Member elected in the Institute Council (since 2010) of the CSIR (



Tél. : +33 (0)2 23 23 57 34

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Team description

The CEMLS's group of the Chemical Science Institute of Rennes through the Bazureau and Carreaux's team focuses its research on 5 main axes:

i) the molecular design and synthetic development of low molecular weight five-membered heterocyclic platforms (FMHPs) as "privileged scaffolds" in medicinal chemistry for the synthesis of new series of specific protein kinase which can be transformed into potential drug candidates (especially for the CNS pathologies across an industrial-academic research program since 2010). For construction and molecular decoration (with appropriate building-blocks) of these various heterocyclic platforms, we privileged the use of microwave irradiation using solvent-free or solution phase reaction conditions (by JPB & FC);

ii) Boron chemistry and their applications in medicinal chemistry (by FC); His research interests are focused on the development of new methods for organic synthesis and natural product synthesis employing organoboron chemistry as the assembling tool. Discovery of protein kinase inhibitors constitutes also a great part of his research.

iii) the specific study of microwave irradiation in organic synthesis (solvent-free, solution phase or solid phase approach) for fundamental aspects of wave/material interactions and continuous flow microwave chemistry through successful EEC contracts of FP5, FP6, FP7 (by JPB & LP);

iv) the development of MRI and multimodal (MRI + TEP, MRI +CT, etc) contrasts agents. Actually, efforts are focused on the realization of a non toxic multimodal platform based on SPION (supermagnetic iron oxide nanoparticules) which can be easily associated to other types of imaging techniques, and also be functionalized to target cancer cells (by FG + SC);

v) the study of macromolecules structure and conformational changes involved by the interaction with biological targets or partners (protein-protein, protein-ligand, protein-membrane complexes). Those biological macromolecular complexes are investigated by solution NMR and spectroscopic techniques (circular dichroism, fluorimetry, UV-Vis spectrometry) (by SC).

Role in the network

1- The main goal of Bazureau's team in the IC Network (task 3) is focused on the synthetic development of new analogues of SKF 96365 (used as SOC inhibitor reference) to improve the selectivity for Orai and TRPC channels. Recent results issued from a structure-activity relation ship (SAR) showed that the choice of the platform inhibitor (substituted aromatic five-membered heterocycle with nitrogen atoms) has a strong impact on SOC inhibition. Actually, in collaboration with the Mignen's team at Brest, research funded by Ligue Contre le Cancer, we focused our efforts on appropriate molecular design for the length of side chain and its position on the aromatic heterocyclic platform in order to obtain a good selectivity and good inhibition for SOC channel. As possible, the organic synthesis for the construction of these new inhibitors will be realized under microwave according to the 12 rules of green chemistry (by JPB).


2- Carreaux's team: Development of metastasis causes the most serious clinical consequences of cancer being responsible for over 90% of cancer-related death. Our long-term goal is to shed light on non-voltage gated calcium (Ca2+)-channels as relevant and promising druggable targets to prevent tumor spreading. In this research plan we focus on melanoma tumor cells invasion and metastasis and will attempt to ascertain the relevance of the TRPV2 Ca2+ channel as bona fide therapeutic target to prevent dissemination of the tumors. For that we planned to synthesize new chemical TRPV2 modulators based on the Tranilast lead molecule and begin to screen for their anti-metastatic properties.

Involvement in tasks 3

 Discovery of SK3 and SOC modulators : SOCs modulators : pyrazoles triazoles and SKF-96355 analogs Task3.


 Synthesis of new chemical TRPV2 modulators based on the Tranilast lead molecule.


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